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Diggz Kodi Builds Calls it Quits – No Longer Available for Installation

Some of the most popular Kodi Builds are no longer available for installation after the developer has decided to call it quits.

Diggz Kodi has decided to retire and effectively remove all Diggz Builds from their official repository.

The Diggz Builds can no longer be found within the Chef Matrix Wizard which featured some of the most used Kodi builds available.

This included the Diggz Xenon Build, DiggzFlix, Diggz Ultra Light, Fentastic Kodi Build, and more.

Many of these topped TROYPOINT’s list of Best Kodi Builds.

News of the closure was announced on the Diggz Official Facebook Page which you can see below.

As noted in the Facebook Post, it is unclear whether or not the Builds will return.

However, for the time being, none of the builds are located within the Repository URL.

Upon installing the Chef Matrix Wizard, you will notice it is completely empty except for one Build.

This is the MEC Build, which after testing, seems fairly underwhelming with minimal content and features.

For those who currently use a Diggz Build such as Diggz Xenon, you can expect it will continue to work for the time being.

It is likely to be available for use until the addons within the build cease to work.

The Facebook Page also recommends backing up your Build using the instructions from the DiggzWiki Page.

If you are looking for a replacement build, we suggest using our list of Best Kodi Builds with tons of fabulous options.

Best Kodi Builds

Right now, our #1 Kodi Build is the CrewNique Build which uses The Crew Kodi Addon and is also the #1 Kodi Addon by TROYPOINT.

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