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Does Surfshark Work with Real Debrid?

Does Surfshark work with Real-Debrid?

First it’s important to know what Surfshark and Real-Debrid are.

Surfshark and Real-Debrid Services

Surfshark is a popular VPN service that provides an anonymous connection to the Internet.  It also offers ad and malware blocking capabilities among other awesome features.

Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that many cord cutters pair with their favorite Kodi addons and free streaming APKs.  Real-Debrid pulls in high quality (HD) buffer-free links and it works extremely well.

Real-Debrid is extremely popular among those who use a jailbroken Firestick or Android TV device.

Does Surfshark Work with Real-Debrid?

When I wrote my unbiased review of Surfshark VPN I indicated that it was not compatible with Real-Debrid.  The reason I did this is because it’s listed as a Non-Cooperative VPN on the Real-Debrid website.

After I posted my review, some TROYPOINT Insiders set me straight and indicated that it actually does work.  Thanks guys!

So, I went back to the Real-Debrid website and took another gander at their page that shows which VPNs work and which don’t.

What I failed to look at the first time was the “IP Addresses Allowed” column which displays servers that will work properly with Real-Debrid.  Yes, Surfshark is listed as a Non-Cooperative VPN but over 3,000 IP addresses will work properly with Real-Debrid.

Video Demonstration

In the video below I will perform a test to see if Surfshark works with Real-Debrid.

I will also show you what can be done if for some reason Surfshark doesn’t work with Real-Debrid.

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