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Get Free Surfshark Antivirus with VPN Subscription

Surfshark has quickly risen in the TROYPOINT VPN rankings and as of this post, they own the #2 position, right behind IPVanish VPN.

Surfshark is making some impressive moves.  They’re bundling multiple security features into one application.  One of those features is Antivirus for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Usually when security companies offer additional features, you must install separate applications for each one, that’s not the case with Surfshark!  You get EVERYTHING in one app.

Surfshark is now running a special summer promotion where you can get their Antivirus feature for free when you purchase their VPN.

Not only that but they’re offering an 82% discount when you purchase their 2-year plan which equals only $2.30 per month.

Typically, when you register for a regular Surfshark VPN subscription, you must pay additional money to unlock their Antivirus feature.

Below is what you would normally see when Antivirus isn’t included.

Here is what you will see when taking advantage of their free Antivirus promotion.

You can use Surfshark on unlimited devices when at home or on the road.

They also back their product with a no-risk money-back guarantee.

Most TROYPOINT fans are interested in their Firestick / Fire TV / Android TV application and this is where they truly shine.

See my video below where I showcase their Antivirus and Firestick / Android TV application.

Surfshark All-In-One Showcase Video

Get 82% Surfshark VPN Discount with Free Antivirus

Unbiased TROYPOINT Surfshark Review

Additional Surfshark Greatness

Here are some additional videos that I’ve created showcasing more Surfshark greatness.

See Surfshark Firestick / Fire TV / Android TV App with Ad-blocker In Action

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Get 82% Surfshark VPN Discount with Free Antivirus

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