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Google Play Store Requiring Apps to Be Transparent about Data Collection

Google will now require all apps within the Google Play Store to disclose what type of data is being collected from users who install them.

The international tech conglomerate has updated its policy for data collection transparency for all apps in the Google Play Store.

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New rules are being implemented that will force all apps in the Google Play Store to disclose their practices for data collection.

The Data Safety Section of Google Play’s Privacy Policy now states the following:

Developers will soon be required to tell us about their apps’ privacy and security practices by completing a form in Play Console. Starting late April, 2022, this information will be shown on your app’s store listing to help Google Play users understand how your app collects and shares user data before they download.

You can read the entire Privacy Policy including information regarding what developers need to disclose and more at the link below.

Google Play Store Data Safety

Users will now have the ability to learn exactly the type of data that apps collect before choosing to download or install them.

Not only will these apps disclose what data they collect but they must also detail what data is shared with third parties.

This is vital for those who want to ensure their privacy is protected by knowing all details of the app prior to installation.

We have seen apps in the past within the Google Play Store that are known to steal user data.

App in Google Play Store Contained Data Stealing Malware

However, with this new policy being put in place, users will have peace of mind knowing exactly what data is being collected and why.

It is important to use a VPN in conjunction with any apps you install to ensure your data is private and anonymous to any onlookers.

Best VPN for Android

Users can also protect themselves by using a virus scanning tool such as VirusTotal for any app or APK they have installed on their device.

VirusTotal on Firestick/Android

This new implementation of Data Safety will start rolling out to Android users slowly in the next few weeks.

App developers must submit details about how their app collects data by July 20, 2022.

Those who fail to comply with these new standards could be met with the suspension of their app from the Google Play Store.

We want to know what you think about Google’s new policy regarding data collection for Android Apps.

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