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How to Install MX Player on Firestick/Fire TV & Android TV Boxes (2022)

This step-by-step guide will show you how to install and use MX Player on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV Boxes.

MX Player is a popular video player that is compatible with tons of Streaming Apps and devices.

If you are a cord-cutter who uses these services you’ve likely heard of MX Player.

MX Player is an external video player that is available for installation and uses on tons of apps and APKs that play video.

In fact, MX Player is available for integration on most apps in the TROYPOINT Best APKs list for Movies and TV Shows.

MX Player was created for use on Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, it is also available for use on any streaming device that supports the android operating system.

MX can be installed on a vast number of devices including the most popular streaming device, the Amazon Firestick.

If you have a jailbroken firestick, MX Player will work with nearly any streaming app you prefer.

One of the main reasons streamers love MX Player is for its ability to use Subtitles and advanced hardware acceleration.

Oftentimes, using MX Player will result in little to no buffering for all your Movie and TV Show selections!

Because of this feature, we have included MX Player in our Firestick Buffering Guide.

How To Stop Buffering on Firestick

We have also included MX Player within our list of Best Firestick Apps due to its popularity and seamless integration.

If you are attempting to install MX Player on an Android device, you can install the app via the Google Play Store.

MX Player – Google Play Store

MX Player is available within the TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer which is the fastest method to install all the best streaming apps and tools.

Free TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer

Install the Best Streaming Apps in Minutes

The free TROYOINT app includes over 50 of the best streaming apps including the one(s) you’re about to install on this page.


 TROYPOINT TIP: We recommend watching the video below for more details on MX Player and how to configure AC3 & DTS codecs.

The guides below will show you how to install MX Player on a Fire TV Stick Lite.

However, these instructions will also work for any Fire TV Device including the Fire TV Stick 4k, Fire TV Cube, and more.

How To Install MX Player – Video Tutorial

 Free TROYPOINT App with Rapid App Installer

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How To Install MX Player – Screenshot Guide

1. Install the free TROYPOINT App on your Firestick or Fire TV.

If you haven’t done this yet, please refer to the following tutorial that demonstrates this simple process.

Install Free TROYPOINT App

NOTE: All applications in our Rapid App Installer have been scanned by VirusTotal and are completely virus-free.

2. Launch the TROYPOINT App.

3. Choose Rapid App Installer.

4. Scroll down to find MX Player and click the down arrow.

5. Wait for the app to install.

6. Click the play button to download MX Player.

7. Click Install

8. You will then encounter MX Player Ready to launch! message.

MX Player is now installed on your streaming device. Enjoy!

Warning! Protect Yourself With IPVanish VPN

Most cord-cutters use a IPVanish VPN and rightfully so.

The free streaming applications, addons, and IPTV services that you use are usually hosted on insecure servers.

Without a IPVanish, your IP Address is being logged.

Your IP Address points back to your location and identity which compromises both your privacy and security.

Your current identifying IP Address is

When you use IPVanish, your real IP address will be converted into an anonymous new one.

IPVanish VPN will provide you with an anonymous connection to the Internet.

This will prevent your Internet Service Provider, app/addon developers, government agencies, and any 3rd party from logging what you’re accessing online.

The most popular VPN among cord-cutters is IPVanish due to their blazing fast speeds and zero log policy.

It’s important to use a VPN that is fast since we are streaming large HD files. Its also crucial to find one that keeps no logs of what their subscribers access while online.

Setting up IPVanish VPN on your streaming device is simple!

Step 1 Register for an IPVanish VPN account by clicking the link below.

This exclusive link provides you with a hefty discount.

Register for IPVanish Account & Save 65% with Yearly Plan

Step 2 – From the home screen hover over Find.

For those of you using Android TV devices, you can easily install the IPVanish app directly through Google Play Store.

Step 3 – Scroll down and click Search.

Step 4 – Type in “Ipvanish” and click the first option.

Step 5 – Click the IPVanish VPN app.

Step 6 – Click Download.

Step 7 – Once the IPVanish app installs, click Open.

Step 8 – Enter your IPVanish account information and click Log In.

You will get your username and password when you register for an account.

Step 9 – Click Connect.

Step 10 – Click OK.

Step 11 – Success! Your identifying IP Address has changed and you are now anonymous.

Click the Home Button on your remote and the VPN will remain running in the background.

Congratulations! You are now protected by IPVanish which means everything that you stream or access through your Firestick or Android TV Box is hidden from the rest of the world.

If you ever need to stop the VPN service, simply re-launch the application and click the DISCONNECT button.

You can now setup IPVanish VPN on all of your other Internet-connected devices. You can use IPVanish on unlimited devices!

How To Integrate MX Player in Streaming Apps

This guide will show you how to integrate MX Player within Cinema APK.

However, these steps are similar for nearly all Streaming apps with external video player capabilities.

1. Install MX Player on your streaming device using URL: in Downloader

2. Open Cinema and click the Menu icon in the upper left.

3. Scroll down and select Settings

4. Click Choose default player

5. Select MX Player

6. MX Player is now your default media player

7. That’s it! You will now use MX Player to stream content within Cinema

How To Use Subtitles

If you wish to enable subtitles while using MX Player, follow the guide below.

In this tutorial, we are using OpenSubtitles which works on most streaming apps & APK’s.

We are watching Night of the Living Dead, which is one of the Best Public Domain Movies.

1. After your Movie or TV opens, click the options icon (3 vertical dots) in the upper right corner of your screen.

2. Then scroll down and select Subtitle.

3. Click Online Subtitles.

4. Click Search.

5. When this menu appears, check the “Enter your search text” box.

6. After checking that box you will be prompted to search for subtitles using OpenSubtitles.

7. Then enter in the title of the movie or TV show you are watching and click Next.

8. Click the drop-down option if it appears.

9. Then click OK.

10. Wait a few seconds or so while OpenSubtitles searches for subtitle options.

11. You should then see a screen appear similar to the screenshot below. Typically we recommend just selecting the first option available.

12. Once you select a subtitle option scroll all the way down and click Download.

13. Once you return to your Movie or TV Show, click the options icon again (3 vertical dots) in the upper right.

14. Select Subtitle.

15. Then click Open.

16. You should then see your downloaded subtitles file appear. Click the file.

17. If prompted with this message, just click Replace.

18. That’s it! You can now enjoy subtitles when streaming media within your favorite APKs.

MX Player Details & More

Whenever using a streaming app such as Cinema and others, there is always a possibility of experiencing buffering or lag.

This can be a frustrating thing to encounter and oftentimes difficult to fix.

However, installing and using MX Player can be a great way to eliminate buffering issues on your device.

It works fabulously when integrated within various IPTV Services as well.

In the past, YesPlayer was a popular video player on apps such as Terrarium TV and more. But with this no longer being supported, MX Player is a great alternative.

You can also try VLC Media Player which is another great external video player option.

Using MX Player not only reduces buffering but also tends to reduce the number of ads popping up during playback.

As we all know, the fewer ads experienced while streaming, the better.

If you install MX Player on your device and encounter a message that states, “This audio format AC3 is not supported”, this can easily be fixed:

How To Fix This Audio Format AC3 is Not Supported – MX Player error

Within the Settings of MX Player is also plenty of options to change the theme, style, screen size, and more.

Overall, installing MX Player is a great way to get the most out of your favorite devices and apps. For anyone who loves streaming, this application is a must-have.

Check out our list of Best Video Players for even more external player options.

For more tech and streaming tutorials be sure to sign up for the TROYPOINT Advisor with updates weekly.

This Advisor provides all the best cord-cutting tips to get the most out of your favorite streaming devices and more.

Click the link below for TROYOPINT Advisor Subscription:


Frequently Asked Questions

Is MX Player Free?

Yes, MX Player is completely free and available for installation on tons of devices. However, you can also purchase MX Player Pro for a small fee.

Is MX Player Legal?

Yes, MX Player is legal to use and integrate within various apps and APK’s for streaming videos.

Can I Install MX Player on a Firestick?

Yes, this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions to install and use MX Player on a Firestick or Fire TV device.

Does this Video Player Support 4K?

MX Player supports all video formats including 1080p and 4k for an awesome streaming experience.

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