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Yet another imposter has stolen the TROYPOINT name and image to promote a scam IPTV Service.

Please stay away from any sites and services claiming to be TROYPOINT that sell IPTV subscriptions.

The website claiming to be a TROYPOINT IPTV Service is which we have absolutely no affiliation with.

TROYPOINT NEVER has and NEVER will run an IPTV Service, Streaming App, Kodi Addon, or other service.

This website was brought to our attention by a Patron from the TROYPOINT Insider that has tons of valuable information.

The fraudsters who have stolen the TROYPOINT name and image appear to be scamming subscribers as well.

We have received numerous messages and emails from customers who have purchased the service only to have fraudulent charges occur on their credit cards.


This isn’t the first time we’ve had someone claim to be TROYPOINT to sell IPTV Subscriptions.

BestBuyIPTV still leads the charge in this category with numerous fraudulent websites including one that also used the TROYPOINT name and logo.

BestBuyIPTV Continues to Scam Users with These IPTV Websites

It is important to note the uncertainty that comes with Unverified IPTV Services.

Since we do not know the owners and developers, it is difficult to trust these services with personal data and payment information.

To ensure your safety when streaming live media channels, your best bet is to use a Legal IPTV Service such as Vidgo.

Vidgo provides 3 different package options with over 150 Channels and On-Demand content as well.

You can learn more about Vidgo at their official website using the link below.

Vidgo Official Site

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