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LaLiga Football League Helps Arrest Pirate IPTV Operators

The popular LaLiga Spanish football league has helped authorities arrest two pirate IPTV operators.

Pirate IPTV services are becoming a common threat to sports leagues and their broadcast partners, especially those affiliated with football (soccer) leagues.

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Another IPTV arrest is in the news… This time it was the LaLiga Spanish football league assisting authorities that led to two arrests.

According to a report from TorrentFreak, LaLiga started investigating IPTV piracy back in 2017 but is now putting its foot on the gas in 2022.

Some may recall the arrest of Mobdro’s developers, as LaLiga was heavily involved in the efforts of shutting down this once-popular streaming app.

In this instance, LaLiga has been investigating two individuals that were eventually arrested by Spain’s National Police on Monday, April 4th.

While the name of the service was not mentioned, these two individuals were arrested on suspicion of illegally selling access to premium audiovisual content distributed via the Internet and satellite.

In the official police statement, the Spanish National Police stated the following about the arrested suspects:

“They have been arrested for crimes against intellectual property, against conditional television broadcasting services, and electric power fraud. They had a high degree of technological specialization. To carry out their illicit activities they used a sophisticated infrastructure to provide services to their clients.”

The police statement also estimated that gross revenues generated from these pirate IPTV suspects exceeded €87,500 (US$95,400).

“It is estimated that the economic damage caused to the owners of the distributed multimedia content amounts to more than €87,500.”

You can view the full Spanish National Police statement below.

Spanish National Police Arrests Two Cybercriminals – Press Release

LaLiga Increases Anti-Piracy Efforts

The report from TorrentFreak also discusses LaLiga’s increased efforts toward anti-piracy.

LaLiga created a web-spidering software named “Marauder,” which can detect illegal streaming providers and send automatic infringement notices.

LaLiga has also signed an agreement with CEDRO (Spanish Reproduction Rights Centre), which is an association of publishers aiming to “oversee the protection and collective management of intellectual property rights.”

In a recent press release, the CEO of CEDRO, Jorge Corrales, stated the following about the new partnership:

“This agreement continues the effort that we have been making in recent years to ensure that our network is a safe space for written culture. Thanks to the information provided by LaLiga Content Protection, we will be able to promote the blocking of more domains where the works of our partners are pirated. Something that, without a doubt, will help to make the work of authors and editors more sustainable.”

Overall, it appears LaLiga has amped up its anti-piracy efforts and will continue to crack down on pirate IPTV operations.

This isn’t the first time we have seen IPTV operators in the crosshairs of authorities:

3 Arrested for Pirate IPTV in the UK

SET TV Operators Sued by DISH

What do you think of this latest IPTV arrest? Are more on the way?

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