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NordVPN Adds Threat Protection Technology to all VPN Subscriptions

The popular VPN Provider NordVPN has launched a new feature called “Threat Protection Technology” for all subscribers and services.

The release of this improvement was announced on the NordVPN Official Website via a blog post which you can find below.

NordVPN Announces Threat Protection

Threat Protection from NordVPN works in conjunction with standard VPN technology to add an extra layer of security for your connected devices.

This new feature will provide safer browsing by blocking malicious websites, ads with trackers, and even identifying files infected with malware.

Threat Protection Technology comes free of charge with the purchase of any NordVPN Subscription as an added bonus to the already exceptional VPN service.

Currently, TROYPOINT gives NordVPN 4.6/5 stars for many reasons which we include in our NordVPN Review.

With the addition of this software upgrade comes a special offer from NordVPN for anyone looking to purchase their service.

Right now, users can get up to 58% off NordVPN’s 1 Year Plan with this special promotion.

If you prefer a 2 Year Plan, the discount jumps to 72% off.


Threat Protection Technology

Threat Protection adds a new layer of security to the already dependable VPN encryption that Nord provides.

Users can browse with peace of mind knowing that Nord’s Threat Protection will now block website trackers and malicious websites in general.

It also provides auto-scan technology that scans all files up to 20MB and will delete them if any malicious content is detected.

For those who hate advertisements, Threat Protection will prevent intrusive ads and malvertising before they even load.

You can learn more about this advanced technology and all of its features at NordVPN’s Official Website or on their announcement page below.

Threat Protection Comes with Every NordVPN Subscription

NordVPN works on nearly any device you prefer including the Amazon Firestick which is the most popular media device available today.

NordVPN on Firestick/Fire TV

It features over 5400 servers for an encrypted connection no matter your location.

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