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Popular VPN Provider VeePN has Assets Frozen Amidst Court Order

Another VPN Provider is under fire after several filmmakers filed a lawsuit against them in a Virginia Federal Court.

A complaint has been filed against popular VPN Provider VeePN for alleged copyright and trademark infringement.

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As first reported by TorrentFreak, various filmmakers have teamed up with Hawaiian Law Firm 42 Ventures to target VeePN.

The plaintiffs allege VeePN promotes the use of Popcorn Time APK which 42 Ventures owns the trademark for.

42 Ventures also has the trademark logo registered for the popular torrent site, which advertises VeePN.

The filmmakers asked the courts for a temporary restraining order to freeze the company’s funds.

This request was ultimately granted, however, the lawsuit is still pending.

VeePN has failed to respond to these allegations but may likely need to in the near future.

This is due to the fact that the restraining order granted by the court requires PayPal and AliPay to freeze VeePN’s funds while the lawsuit is pending.

They have also noted that VeePN must immediately stop promoting itself as a Popcorn Time VPN.

It looks like they have adhered to this order as the Popcorn Time page on their website is no longer available.

Judge Anthony Trenga noted the following regarding the allegations against VeePN:

The Copyright Plaintiffs are likely to succeed on their contributory infringement claim because they have shown that VeePN promotes and distributes Popcorn Time VPN…

Additionally, at the website, Defendant VeePN promotes itself as ‘Popcorn Time VPN,’ explicitly stating that: ‘Downloading and sharing files via torrent is a violation of copyright law. It means that you may be punished by law. That’s why you need a Popcorn Time VPN

You can read the court ruling at the link below.

Voltage Holdings LLC vs VeePN TRO

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a VPN Company come under fire for promoting the streaming app Popcorn Time.

LiquidVPN lost a lawsuit earlier this year that cost them millions in damages:

Filmmakers Awarded Millions in Copyright Lawsuit Win over LiquidVPN

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What do you think of the court requiring VeePN’s assets to be frozen?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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