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Spanish Police Dismantle IPTV Service with Over 500,000 Subscribers

Authorities in Spain claim to have terminated a pirate IPTV Service with over 500,000 subscribers.

According to a press release by Spanish Police,  agents successfully arrested four people in connection with the operation.

National Spanish Police worked in conjunction with EUROPOL in an investigation that began in 2020.

The IPTV Service provided over 2,600 live television channels as well as 23,000 VOD titles including Movies and TV Shows.

The statement from Spanish Police noted the following:

The first police investigation revealed the existence of an organization that, since 2012, had been massively and fraudulently marketing and distributing, through different companies, audiovisual content from different subscription-based television platforms. Specifically, they were offering their clients different subscription packages consisting of more than 2,600 television channels and 23,000 movies and series

Over 95 resellers were also identified in different locations across the world including the UK, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, and Greece.

You can read the entire press release from Spanish National Police at the link below.

Spain National Police Press Release

Profits from the Service amounted to around 3 million euros per year and were laundered through various resources.

During a raid of the operation, agents uncovered 10 administration panels connected to 32 servers in numerous countries.

These were ultimately disconnected which left resellers and users completely in the dark without service.

Investigators seized 8 different bank accounts and 2800 euros in cash along with two vehicles valued at 180,000 euros.

Authorities arrested 4 individuals in the Malaga Municipalities of Benahavis, Mijas, and Benalmadena.

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What do you think of the latest termination of a massive Spanish IPTV Service?

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