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Surfshark Earns #1 VPN Ranking by TROYPOINT

Surfshark VPN is now the #1 ranked VPN by TROYPOINT.

This will come as no surprise to those of you who’ve been using Surfshark for any amount of time.

Back in May I moved Surfshark from the #4 position to #2.  I hesitated moving them to #1 as I wanted more time to fully test their service on all of my devices, Firestick, Android TV, Android phone/tablet, and my Windows PC.

Also, Surfshark was recently acquired by NordVPN and wanted to ensure that their price didn’t jump and it didn’t.  I also wanted to ensure that they wouldn’t stop offering support for unlimited devices since Nord only allows for a maximum of 6.  Thankfully, Surfshark is still providing their subscribers with unlimited devices.

This article is meant to provide as much information as possible regarding Surfshark and I also provide numerous video tutorials below and link to all of our Surfshark guides.

Why Surfshark is Ranked as #1 VPN

There are literally hundreds of VPNs available on the market today.

You can find the same features within most of them but there are a few that pertain specifically to Surfshark.

To start with, I will never rank a VPN as #1 if it doesn’t allow their subscribers to use on unlimited devices.  Due to the amount of Internet-connected devices that most of us use, it’s silly to cap this.  Surfshark allows its subscribers to use their service on unlimited devices and they offer an app for all popular gadgets.

Surfshark features a working kill switch on Firestick / Fire TV / Android TV systems.  A kill switch will terminate your Internet connection if for some reason the VPN becomes disconnected.  This has been a huge challenge for most VPN providers but somehow Surfshark has cracked the special code to make this work on a Fire TV/Stick and Android TV devices.  What good is a VPN without a kill switch?

It also does an excellent job of unblocking geo-restrictions for popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, fubo TV, etc.  Most VPNs are having a difficult time circumventing geo-restrictions but not Surfshark.

Surfshark comes with built-in ad/malware blocking which is extremely helpful on all apps.  Many of you use free movie/sports streaming sites and Surfshark eliminates the constant advertisements on those websites.

Download speed is always a problem when using any VPN and Surfshark has made this a priority.  Their new implementation of the lightweight Wireguard VPN Protocol improves download/upload speed when connected to the VPN.

Their introductory price is the best we’ve seen in the VPN industry.

You can get 2 years of unlimited VPN service at 82% off plus 2 free months.  So, you pay only $59.76 for 26 months which breaks down to $2.30 per month!  Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee as well.

Yes, the above special pricing is great but Surfshark is adding an additional free month for TROYPOINT fans like you.

Special Additional TROYPOINT Discount

Surfshark’s existing discount is absolutely nuts but you can do even better with this exclusive TROYPOINT link.  Thank you Surfshark!

This special discount is only available to people like you who are visiting the TROYPOINT Website. 

With this time-sensitive coupon code, you will get 1 additional month for free!  That’s 27 months of unlimited VPN service for only $59.76.

Save 83% on Surfshark + 3 Free Months

If for some reason, you aren’t seeing the additional 1 free month, follow these instructions to input our special discount code.

Here is how to change the existing coupon code that’s automatically entered.

1. Click Here for Surfshark Discount Page

2. Click Get Surfshark Button

3. Click Coupon applied link under plans.

4. Enter troypointspecial in box.

5. See additional month added to your plan after entering troypointspecial coupon code.

Save 83% on Surfshark + 3 Free Months

Surfshark VPN Features at a Glance

Low price
Use on unlimited devices both when at home or away
Kill switch that actually works on both Fire TV/Stick & Android TV
Sleek user interface for Fire TV/Stick & Android TV
Ad-blocking via their CleanWeb feature on all devices
Built-in malware blocker
Strong download/upload speeds when VPN active
Circumvents geo-blocking from popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime
Real-Debrid friendly
Supports all popular devices including Windows, Mac, Firestick, Android TV, phones, tablets, iOS, and more
Surfshark based in Netherlands with no data retention laws
30-day money-back guarantee

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Surfshark VPN Video Tutorials

How to Setup Surfshark on Firestick/Fire TV & Android TV Devices

This in-depth video will teach you how to install Surfshark VPN on a Fire TV/Stick and provides speed optimization tips.

Save 83% on Surfshark + 3 Free Months

Surfshark Kill Switch Example

Surfshark Unblocking Geo-Restrictions

Ad Blocking with Surfshark

Save 83% on Surfshark + 3 Free Months

TROYPOINT Surfshark Tutorials

As I mention above, you can use Surfshark on unlimited devices!

Here are some additional Surfshark setup guides that will get you up and running quickly.

Surfshark on Firestick/Fire TV

How to Install Surfshark on Firestick/Fire TV

Surfshark on Android TV Boxes

How to Install Surfshark on Android TV Boxes

Surfshark on NVIDIA Shield

How to Install Surfshark on NVIDIA Shield

Surfshark on Chromecast with Google TV

How to Install Surfshark on Chromecast with Google TV

Surfshark on Windows PC

How to Install Surfshark on Windows PC

Surfshark on Mac

How to Install Surfshark on Mac

Surfshark on iOS (iPhone & iPad)

How to Install Surfshark on iOS Devices

What About IPVanish VPN?

IPVanish VPN has been our #1 Ranked VPN provider since 2016.

Although IPVanish is still one of the best VPNs on the market, unfortunately, they don’t offer the following features that Surfshark does.

Working kill switch on Firestick / Fire TV & Android TV devices
Ad/malware blocking
Unblocking geo-restrictions in popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, fubo TV
Virus protection within same application for those who want additional protection

IPVanish VPN is now ranked #2 and we will continue providing tutorials and important feature announcements when they are available.  IPVanish VPN is still a solid VPN and we will continue to support it.

Surfshark vs IPVanish

Save 83% on Surfshark + 3 Free Months

Important Note – Please Read Before Posting Questions Below

Some VPNs work better than others depending on your specific situation.

There’s a lot of factors that can determine how a VPN will perform such as your location, Internet Service Provider, network setup, devices that you use, apps…the list goes on and on.

Keep in mind that Surfshark offers a no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee.  If it doesn’t work properly for you, simply ask for a refund. 

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