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These 20 Common Passwords are Leaked on the Dark Web

In a recent study, there were 20 common passwords reportedly found to be leaked on the dark web.

Passwords are commonly leaked on the dark web by hackers, website operators, app developers, and other groups who often sell this valuable information.

See the full list of common passwords that are leaked on the dark web below. Have you used any of these passwords before?

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Whether it’s financial information, social media accounts, streaming apps, emails, and other online services, you likely have way more passwords floating around than you think.

A report from NordPass found that the average Internet user has around 100 passwords registered online.

They also found the most common passwords include people’s names, favorite bands, sports teams, cars, and even swear words.

Now a more recent study from Lookout discovered 20 passwords most commonly leaked on the dark web. These passwords include simple number combinations, words, and common phrases.

Examples of these leaked passwords include 123456, qwerty, password, iloveyou, and other sequences.

Most Common Passwords Leaked on Dark Web

The full report of the 20 most common passwords leaked on the dark web include the following:


Odds are if you have ever used one of these passwords before, it’s very likely that some of your online account information is floating around on the dark web.

If you are currently using one of these common passwords it’s recommended to change them immediately!

Last year we reported on a story where a group was selling thousands of streaming service passwords that were obtained through computer hacking techniques.

Website Operator Charged with Stealing Passwords

When changing passwords, it’s recommended to use combinations longer than the minimum number of characters, use uncommon characters, don’t reuse the same password on multiple accounts, and use a password manager.

While changing password combinations will only offer so much protection in the changing digital world, there are other tools we can use to better protect ourselves online.

This includes anonymous email addresses, watching out for phishing scams, using two-factor authentication, backing up data, avoiding unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, and running a VPN on internet-connected devices.

Overall, this won’t be the last story we hear regarding password leaks and hackers obtaining user information online.

What do you think of these common passwords being leaked on the dark web?

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