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These 3 Popular Kodi Addons Appear to No Longer Be Working

Three of the most well-known and popular Kodi Addons appear to be no longer available for installation.

Fen, Venom, and The Oath are 3 of the most used Kodi addons available today.

Unfortunately, it seems that users can no longer install them on their preferred Kodi device.

We want to know your thoughts after reading this story in the comments below. What do you think of these popular Kodi addons no longer functioning?

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If you enter the Repository URL for any of these 3 addons, you are met with the following error message:

Typically, when we encounter the Kodi Unable to Connect Error, the Repo URL is no longer available.

This seems to be the case for all 3 of these Kodi Addons which were used by hundreds of thousands of cord-cutters across the world.

For those who use or have used the Oath, Venom, or Fen Kodi addon and are looking for a replacement, we suggest using our list of Best Kodi Addons.

If you prefer more customization options, you can also try using Kodi Builds.

If you still have one of these installed on your device you can likely still use it, however, we are unsure how long it will continue to work.

While we don’t know the reasoning behind these addons not working, there is some speculation that they may have been shut down due to legal pressure.

In a popular Kodi Reddit Thread, a member who seems to be the developer of The Oath commented on the situtaion:

“I got a takedown request from a rights holder… Be aware, fellow add-on developers/maintainers.”

This isn’t the first time a Kodi developer has shut down operations for an addon or Kodi repo.

Recently, the EzzerMacs Repository decided to call it quits with many believing they were forced to do so.

Streaming Apps and APKs oftentimes get shut down and even sued which we saw in the recent lawsuit of TVAddons operator Adam Lackman.

TVAddons Operator Agrees to Pay $19.5 Million in Damages

What Should You do Next?

This is an important reminder to Kodi users and cord-cutters that we do not know who owns/operates these 3rd party add-ons and apps.

We’ve seen add-on operators in the past hand over user data, streaming history, and identifying IP addresses when investigated by copyright authorities.

They’re also known to sell this sought-after information to other third parties.

It’s extremely important to only stream content not protected by copyright and protect yourself with a VPN.

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What do you think of these three popular Kodi addons no longer working? Will you use an alternative addon or opt for an APK?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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