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How to Jailbreak Android Phone or Tablet Without Rooting it (July 2022)

This guide will show you How to Jailbreak Android Phones or Tablets without rooting the device.

By “jailbreaking” an Android phone or tablet, you will have access to free movies, tv shows, live tv, sports, games, and endless possibilities.

This process is very similar to our popular Jailbreak Firestick tutorial, as both methods require enabling apps from unknown sources within the developer options.

Android is the most popular operating system in the world with over 2.5 billion active users.

Why Jailbreak Your Android Phone or Tablet?

By jailbreaking your Android phone or tablet, you will have access to thousands of third-party Android applications (APKs) that aren’t available for installation through the Google Play Store.

Many of these Android apps (APKs) provide thousands of free movies, TV shows, live channels, sports, PPV, and much more.

We can “side-load” these apps onto our Android devices very easily by simply using an Internet browser such as Google Chrome.

While many users of Android want to “root” their devices to unlock secret apps, there is no need to go through the hassle of rooting.

Rooting your Android device means you would be modifying internal firmware which could also potentially harm your device.

You can think of firmware as the operating system for the device. Fortunately, we aren’t required to do that with Android devices!

Jailbreaking an Android phone or tablet simply means we are removing restrictions imposed by the manufacturer (Google) to allow for the installation of third-party applications.

This is a safe process and only involves changing a few security settings on any Android phone or tablet.

 TROYPOINT TIP: Prior to venturing down this path, it’s important to understand that these third-party applications haven’t been vetted by a trusted source.

This is why we suggest always using a VPN which will encrypt your connection to the Internet when using these various streaming APKs and add-ons.

This will prevent the app developer and your Internet Service Provider from logging what you are accessing through the application. See below for more information.

Install Best VPN on Android Phone/Tablet

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: TROYPOINT is a tech website that publishes tutorials, news, and reviews. We do not verify if apps, services, or websites hold the proper licensing for media that they deliver. We do not own, operate, or re-sell any streaming site, service, app, or addon. Each person shall be solely responsible for media accessed and we assume that all visitors are complying with the copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should be cautious of free streaming applications not available for install through respective app stores such as Amazon App Store and Google Play. If using unverified apps such as these, you should only be streaming or downloading content not protected by copyright such as works in the Public Domain. Referenced applications, addons, services, and streaming sites are not hosted or administered by TROYPOINT.

How to Jailbreak Android Phone or Tablet

The following screenshot tutorial will show you step-by-step how to jailbreak Android phones or tablets.

In this tutorial, we are using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Tablet, but these steps work on any Android tablet, phone, and stock Android TV box.

1. Open the settings menu on your Android tablet or mobile device.

2. Click Apps.

3. Select Google Chrome or another browser of your choice.

4. Hover down and select Install unknown apps.

5. Turn on Allow from this source.

6. Then return to your home screen and launch Google Chrome.

7. Enter the following URL in the search bar – and click Go.

Note: This is the shortcut for the free TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer.

8. Once the app downloads you will see an “Open” message on the bottom. Click Open.

9. Then click Install.

10. Click Open.

11. The TROYPOINT App will launch. Click OK.

12. Select Rapid App Installer.

13. Then click Allow.

14. You will now be directed to the Rapid App Installer main page.

That’s it! We have now jailbroken our Android phone or tablet by allowing for the installation of applications that aren’t available within the Google Play Store.

Most guides stop after this but we will take it a step further and show you how to install Kodi and a popular live TV app.

Install Kodi 19.4 

As seen in our Kodi on Android tutorial, there are two methods for installing Kodi on an Android phone or tablet. If you are brand new to Kodi, we have you covered.

The in-depth guide below will explain everything you need to know about this software and how to get the most out of it.

What Is Kodi? Everything you Need to Know

Use the following instructions to install Kodi on any Android phone or tablet.

1. Launch the Rapid App Installer and locate Kodi. Then click the download icon as seen in the image below.

Note: Kodi 19.4 is the most stable release of Kodi. The Rapid App Installer will always point to the most recent version of Kodi.

2. Wait a minute or two for the Kodi application to install.

3. Then click the play icon.

4. You will likely receive this important message for allowing unknown apps. Click Settings.

5. Turn on Allow from this source.

6. Return back to the Rapid App Installer and click the play icon for Kodi again.

7. Click Install.

8. Click Open.

9. Kodi will launch on your Android tablet. Click Continue.

10. Click Allow.

11. Wait a few seconds for Kodi to launch.

12. That’s it! You have successfully installed Kodi on your jailbroken Android phone or tablet.

Final Step: Get our Free Supercharge Kodi Guide!

Free TROYPOINT Supercharge Kodi Guide

Install the Best Kodi Addons in Seconds

The free TROYPOINT Supercharge Guide teaches you how to install over 60 of the best addons with a few clicks.


Used by over 1 million cord cutters.

In addition to our Supercharge Kodi Guide, you can check out the following TROYPOINT Kodi Guides that stay constantly updated for your streaming enjoyment:

Best Kodi Addons
Best Kodi Builds

Continue below for accessing hundreds of free live channels on your jailbroken Android phone or tablet.

Jailbreak Android Phone/Tablet for Live TV

Jailbreaking an Android phone or tablet to watch live TV is one of the most common uses of this device.

Whether it’s IPTV services, apps, players, or streaming websites, using a jailbroken Android device can unlock endless possibilities for streaming live TV.

The following guide below will show you how to use an IPTV Player to access free live channels on your Android device.

In this guide, we will use IPTV Smarters Pro to access Pluto TV which hosts hundreds of free live channels.

You can find IPTV Smarters Pro within the TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer for quick installation which we show below.

1. Launch the Rapid App Installer and locate IPTV Smarters Pro. Then click the download icon.

2. Wait a minute or two for IPTV Smarters Pro to download.

3. Then click the play icon.

4. Click Install.

5. Click Open.

6. The IPTV Smarters Pro application will launch. Select your device option and click Save.

Since we are using an Android tablet we chose mobile.

7. Choose Load Your Playlist or File/URL.

8. Click Allow.

9. Enter any Playlist Name you prefer such as “Pluto” and also check the Playlist Type as M3U.

Then click the box to enter the M3U file URL.

10. Enter the following M3U URL – and click Add User.

Note: This is the official URL for Pluto TV.

11. Click Live TV.

12. You can now access hundreds of live free channels on your jailbroken Android phone or tablet.

Best Apps for Jailbroken Android Device

After jailbreaking your Android device and installing Kodi or IPTV Smarters Pro, you may be wondering what else is available?

Whether it’s streaming apps for free movies and TV shows, live TV services, gaming, tools, or music apps, there are endless possibilities!

See the list of jailbroken applications below to get started.

Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD APK has become one of the most popular apps available today for those using jailbroken Android devices.

Users can stream Movies and TV Shows for free in an easy-to-use interface.

Integrating a Real-Debrid account within Cinema will provide you with the highest quality links possible.

Learn more about Cinema and how to install using the guide below.

Cinema HD APK Details


TeaTV is another long withstanding streaming APK that provides movies and TV shows.

This has been one of the best apps for jailbroken Android devices and has been for many years.

Learn more about TeaTV and how to quickly install it on your device using our guide below.

TeaTV Details & Information


Similar to Kodi, Syncler is a streaming APK that will require a little setup to find links for movies and TV shows.

Users can install various provider packages that contain links for VOD content on their jailbroken Android phones or tablets.

Syncler is an ad-free application that is flawless when integrated with Real-Debrid for providing the highest quality links.

We have created a complete step-by-step guide that will walk you through the installation and setup process for this application.

Syncler APK Installation and Set-Up Guide

LiveNet TV

The LiveNet TV app features hundreds of free live channels in various categories without registration. This means that users are not required to sign up or subscribe to any package.

This is a popular app among users of jailbroken Android devices who want quick access to live channels.

See our complete review of the LiveNet TV application below for more information.

LiveNet TV Review & Details


Unlinked is a great resource to have on any device including a jailbroken Android phone or tablet.

Users can insert various Unlinked codes to find “App Libraries” for quick installation of applications including all apps available on this list.

Learn more about Unlinked and how to install it on your preferred streaming device using our resource guide below.

Unlinked APK Installation Guide

Aptoide TV

If you have a jailbroken Android device and don’t have Aptoide TV installed on it you are likely missing out.

Aptoide TV is a “Google Play Alternative” that features thousands of apps in one location.

You can easily browse through various categories to find nearly any app you wish to install on your Android phone or tablet.

This includes most of the apps in this guide and many more.

How to Install Aptoide TV

Best VPN for Jailbroken Android Phone or Tablet

The best way to protect yourself and your online privacy is by installing a VPN on your jailbroken Android phone or tablet.

A VPN will encrypt your IP address making your online activity completely anonymous from your ISP, app developers, hackers, watchdog groups, and more.

TROYPOINT suggests using IPVanish for your VPN needs due to its blazing-fast download speeds and easy-to-use application.

IPVanish is the Best VPN for Android devices and works fabulously on any Android phone or tablet.

Their zero log policy, unlimited device support, unblocking of geo-restrictions, low monthly fee, streaming app compatibility, and more make IPVanish the superior VPN choice for protecting yourself online.

Make sure to protect your jailbroken Android device today.

For more information on VPNs, device installation guides, features, and more refer to our detailed VPN guide below.


If you own an Android phone or tablet, unleash the full potential of your device by jailbreaking your Android device!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Jailbroken Android Phone or Tablet do?

A jailbroken Android phone or tablet allows you to install applications that aren’t available within the Google Play Store. There are thousands of free streaming applications that can be installed that serve up free movies, TV shows, live channels, sports, and more.

Can I Jailbreak an Android Phone?

Yes, this method will work on any Android phone or tablet.

Is Jailbreaking Illegal?

No. It is not illegal to jailbreak an Android device. However, what you access after you have been jailbroken may be illegal. Always use a VPN as outlined on this page so you can use your Android device anonymously.

What are the Requirements to use a Jailbroken Android Device?

Most of the applications that you run on a jailbroken Android phone or tablet require high-speed Internet. You must also register for a free Google account as you are required to log into the device when you first turn it on.

Will my Android Phone become Damaged if I Jailbreak it?

No, we aren’t manipulating the hardware of an Android phone or tablet in any way so there is no harm done by jailbreaking it.

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