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MPA Teaming with Google to Delist Online Pirate Sites

The Motion Pictures Association (MPA) is teaming up with Google to delist online pirate sites.

Google has begun delisting pirate site domains from its search results in various countries.

This includes popular torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay in numerous regions across the world.

We want to know your thoughts on this situation. What do you think of the MPA teaming up with Google?

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As reported by TorrentFreak, Google is working with the MPA (Motion Picture Association) to delist various pirate sites.

Google isn’t the only organization the MPA is teaming up with to combat online piracy:

MPA Helps U.S. Senators Push New Copyright Bill

U.S. Gov Releases List of Top Pirate Sites with Help of MPA and Others

In this instance, many of these pirate sites have already been blocked by local Internet Service Providers due to a previous court order.

Google’s voluntary removal of such websites is being praised by the MPA which assisted in the operation.

The MPA’s CEO Charles Rivkin noted the following regarding Google’s assistance in a recent press release:

Working with MPA, Google has removed a substantial number of piracy-related domains from its search results in these countries to help effectively enforce court orders requiring ISPs to block access to piracy sites

This action is currently taking place in ten countries with nearly 10,000 domains being removed by Google.

Many opposers of these blocks worry that site blocking could lead to major censorship which is a slippery slope.

Rivkin also commented on the effectiveness of site blocking and other measures that can be taken to address the piracy issue:

To be sure, no anti-piracy tool is perfect. And there will always be a segment of users who will actively work to evade and circumvent these blocks. But the data are clear: these ‘no-fault’ judicial orders are safe, especially when narrowly targeted at genuine bad actors under the supervision of the courts….

we know from empirical research and real-world testing with our partners at Google that delisting adjudicated piracy sites from search results makes this already effective legal tool even more potent

While these tactics are being deployed across numerous countries around the world, no such action has been taken in the US.

What do you think of various site-blocking tactics taken by Google and the Motion Picture Association?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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