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YouTube Introducing Free TV Shows (With Ads) on All Platforms

YouTube has announced that it will now provide access to thousands of free TV shows for streaming on all platforms.

In a recent blog post, YouTube stated that US viewers will now have the ability to stream full seasons of shows absolutely free.

The catch, however, is that these free episodes will of course come with ads that YouTube is notorious for.

In fact, the company recently played a role in shutting down a popular ad-free YouTube alternative that was used by millions.

YouTube Vanced Forced to Shut Down

The company announced over 4000 episodes will be available which includes some notable streaming options.

Some of the most popular shows include:

Hell’s Kitchen
Unsolved Mysteries
21 Jump Street
Iron Chef
Most Haunted
Dennis the Menace
The Dick Van Dyke Show
and more

You can see the entire library of Free YouTube Shows at the link below:

YouTube TV Shows – Free with Ads

Users will have the ability to stream these on any platform they prefer including via the YouTube App and the official site.

You can install YouTube on nearly any device you prefer including Firestick, Roku, Android, and more.

With this announcement comes added various features including “streamlined navigation and immersive banner art”.

YouTube already has Free Movies and is advancing in the streaming space with this latest addition of TV Shows.

This isn’t the first time we have seen ad-supported streaming options as HBO Max and Peacock also offer these subscription versions.

What do you think of the ad-supported model YouTube is introducing?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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