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X-Chair Review – Read This Before You Buy

This X-Chair review was written by Troy after using it on a regular basis for six months.

Many of you have probably seen the fancy ads for X-Chair.  Here’s their tagline on their home-page.

WHERE COMFORT MEETS LUXURY – All X-Chairs are designed with 10 ergonomic features and hand-selected premium fabrics in an array of colors to fit your unique office style.

X-Chair TV Ad

X-Chair does a great job with marketing and make you believe you are getting something really nice.

Let me preface this review and state that they should be careful with the word Luxury.

This may be the quickest review that I’ve ever done.

X-Chair Review

Six months ago, X-Chair reached out and asked me if I would be interested in partnering with them and join their affiliate program.  I decided to give it a go as I needed a new chair for my computer desk and I had seen quite a few advertisements on TV.

I paid for the chair myself and got the X² K-Sport Mgmt Chair for $950.  There are many times where I don’t accept the free product because I want to see how well the purchase and delivery processes are.  Especially for an item this expensive.  I’m glad I did that with X-Chair and you will see why!

I received the chair and immediately had problems.

The lever that raises and lowers the chair broke after two days of use.  Most of the chair is made out of cheap plastic which is the reason for this first problem.  The base of the chair  is the only section that isn’t plastic.

I contacted their support team and finally after ten emails, they agreed to send me a replacement part.  It took two weeks for me to receive the new part!  Horrible customer service, especially for a chair that costs almost $1,000.

Another very annoying feature of the chair is that the height adjustment on the chair doesn’t stay in place very well and I find myself adjusting this every single day.

Yesterday was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

When I was pushing up on the arm-rests to get out of the chair, one of them completely broke off.

I took it apart to determine how I could put it back together but the screws had stripped the plastic which will make this nearly impossible.

X-Chair Final Thoughts

Stay away from this plastic junk!

I purchased a chair at Walmart that was priced less than $100 and it’s more comfortable and nothing has ever broke on it.

I rate X-Chair 1 Star out of 5.

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