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11 Hidden Firestick Settings You Should Change in 2022 (Top Secrets)

This guide covers Hidden Firestick Settings and how to change them to improve your streaming experience.

These hidden settings can also be adjusted on any model of the Firestick or Fire TV device.

If you are a Firestick/Fire TV owner, you may not be aware of the full power and capabilities these devices provide.

Without adjusting some of these “hidden settings,” Amazon is secretly collecting your data and your Firestick/Fire TV will lose performance over time.

Adjusting these settings outlined below will help with Firestick Buffering, protect your privacy, block ads, and improve the overall device performance.

And with Amazon rolling out the New Fire TV Interface on their popular streaming devices, many users have become especially frustrated with ads and suggested content. We show how to change the user interface in one of the tips below.

If your Firestick/Fire TV hasn’t been updated to the new interface yet, you can manually update your device by using our guide.

How to Update Firestick/Fire TV

The list below contains some hidden Firestick settings & tips you can use to improve your streaming experience.

Our list has some awesome suggestions that all Fire TV owners can use to get the most out of their devices.

Many of these are simple instructions that can be done within the Device Settings or from the home screen.

Currently, the most popular Fire TV model is the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

However, Amazon’s newer Fire TV devices including the Fire TV Stick Lite and 3rd Gen Fire TV Stick are quickly gaining popularity.

All items on the list below work perfectly on this device and most Firestick/Fire TV models available today.

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Hidden Firestick Settings

Below you will find 11 hidden Firestick settings for getting the most out of this powerful Streaming Device!

We suggest bookmarking this page, as these Firestick/Fire TV hidden settings are updated every month.

The following list was last updated on Fri, May, 20, 2022

1. Turn On Apps from Unknown Sources (Sideloading)

Those who have used the Firestick/Fire TV for a while now have likely figured out the device’s side-loading capabilities. This is commonly referred to as “jailbreaking.”

Because the Firestick/Fire TV runs the Android operating system, you can sideload applications outside the Amazon App Store by turning on apps from unknown sources.

Installing Streaming APKs is one of the most popular uses among those with Firesticks/Fire TVs.

In order to side-load these 3rd party apps, you must use a tool called Downloader.

Some of the most popular side-loaded apps include Kodi, MX Player, Stremio, Filelinked, Aptoide, Cinema HD, and many others.

How to Unlock Firestick

2. Change Privacy Settings

Changing the privacy settings within your device preferences is one of the hidden Firestick settings you should adjust immediately!

Within your Privacy settings, you can disable interest-based ads, device usage data, data monitoring, video autoplay, and more.

Refer to our step-by-step guide below for adjusting privacy settings and blocking ads on your Firestick/Fire TV.

How to Block Ads on Firestick/Fire TV

3. Close Background Apps in Seconds

Not many Firestick users are aware that you can close unwanted background apps at once using a tool called Task Killer.

Task Killer will close all unwanted applications running in the background in seconds to free up space and boost performance.

See our Fast Task Killer guide below for more information and how to use this beneficial tool.

Install Fast Task Killer & Close Background Apps

4. Change User Interface with Custom Launchers

Due to these recent interface updates, custom launchers have become extremely popular among Firestick/Fire TV users looking to change the user interface.

Those that have used custom launchers in the past may remember the ATV Launcher designed for Android TV Boxes.

However, there are now a few custom launchers that work well on the Firestick/Fire TV that can be installed.

See our tutorials below for installing custom launchers on the Firestick.

How to Install Wolf Launcher
How to Install Leanback Launcher

Both of these custom launchers can also be found within our list of Best Firestick Apps.

5. Change VPN Protocols & Increase Speed

The majority of those using a VPN on Firestick are likely unaware of the different protocols you can change within the IPVanish settings.

In fact, changing VPN Protocols is one of the best solutions to improving your device’s speed.

The IPVanish protocols available on the Firestick/Fire TV include OpenVPN (UDP), OpenVPN (TCP), and IKEv2.

Refer to our detailed guide below for increasing VPN speed on any Firestick/Fire TV.

How to Increase VPN Speed

6. Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring is one of the more popular “hidden” Firestick settings on this list.

One of the best unknown features of the Firestick is its ability to allow mirroring from a separate device.

This will allow you to cast anything on your mobile screen directly to the TV in a matter of seconds.

To do so, it will require the installation of a separate app that is available for free in the Amazon App Store.

Once installed, you will be able to cast, record, and more, directly from your phone or tablet.

How To Cast to Firestick/Fire TV

Those using Roku devices can also be cast from other devices. Check out our Roku Screen Mirroring article for more information.

7. Increase Firestick Storage

Expanding storage is one of the more useful hidden Firestick settings. One of the biggest complaints regarding the Amazon Firestick is the lack of internal storage.

Luckily, users can purchase an OTG Cable and use any USB Flash Drive to expand the device storage.

This hack will allow you to install applications onto the external USB Drive.

Click below for a complete instructional guide with a video that will show you how to Expand your Firestick’s Internal Storage.

How to Expand Fire TV Stick 4K Storage

8. Developer Tools Menu

Developer Tools Menu is actually a free application available within the Amazon App Store that many users are unaware of.

This handy tool provides a “system x-ray” that will scan your Firestick/Fire TV and display the device’s memory, CPU, resolution, and more.

9. Fire TV Remote App

Many Firestick owners express issues with the remote Amazon provides with this device. This includes not syncing, battery failure, and more.

Fortunately, there is an app users can install on their mobile device that works exactly like the Amazon remote control.

This is available on all iOS devices including iPhone/iPad, Android, and Fire tablets.

One of the best features of the app is the ability to use your phone’s keyboard to type which is much faster than the on-screen method.

The guide below will show you how to install the Firestick Remote app, sync your remote, and much more.

Firestick/Fire TV Remote Resource Page

Firestick Remote Alternatives

10. Turn Off Navigation Sounds

Many Firestick/Fire TV users are annoyed by the constant navigation sounds when scrolling on their devices.

Turning off these sounds is a simple fix that can be done within the Display & Sounds setting.

11. Sleep Mode

Lastly, Firestick and Fire TV devices do not have an option to Power or Turn Off. However, there is a “sleep” feature that can save power on your device and TV.

Amazon Fire TV devices have a set timer built into them. However, you can also enable the Sleep function manually by holding down the Home button and selecting Sleep.

While this may seem like a simple feature, many do not know it exists! Use the guide below for more information.

How To Turn Off Firestick/Fire TV

Other Firestick Settings

Although we have listed ten different hidden Firestick Settings above, there are endless settings you can adjust on your device.

This includes connecting Bluetooth devices, external video players, screen magnifier, parental controls, screensavers, and much more.

See our popular Firestick tricks & tips article below that covers many more Firestick settings and device configurations.

Firestick Tricks & Tips

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Free TROYPOINT Advisor

Try changing some of these Hidden Firestick Settings today if you own a Firestick/Fire TV device!

Firestick Settings FAQ

What are some Hidden Firestick Settings?

Some of the popular Hidden Firestick Settings include side loading, screen mirroring, changing the user interface, turning off privacy settings, and many more on this list.

Is Changing Hidden Firestick Settings Legal?

Yes. Changing the hidden Firestick settings outlined in this guide are 100% legal.

Can you Change these Hidden Firestick Settings on other Devices?

Yes. You can change these hidden settings on all Fire TV devices and most Android devices.

Is Changing Hidden Firestick Settings Safe?

Yes. Changing the hidden Firestick settings on this list are not only safe but often recommended to boost performance.

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