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PrimeWire Ordered to Shut Down Operations after Court Ruling

PrimeWire has been ordered to shut down operations after a court ruling by a United States District Judge.

As first reported by TorrentFreak, several film production companies have won a lawsuit against the popular streaming site PrimeWire.

We want to know your thoughts on the shutdown of PrimeWire.

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Major film companies including Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, Columbia, Disney & Netflix recently sued PrimeWire for copyright infringement.

PrimeWire is one of the most well-known Movie Streaming Sites in the world today and is used by millions of visitors every month.

After the lawsuit was filed, PrimeWire made major changes to its website to try and avoid any legal trouble.

This included the removal of all links to copyrighted content and a promise to block the uploading of cyberlocker links.

The website even went as far as to list ways users can stream Movies and TV Shows through legal platforms.

The movie companies saw this as a ploy to keep the website functioning even without access to pirated/copyrighted content.

After these changes to the website took effect, there was a drastic decrease in overall traffic to the PrimeWire website.

The site saw a loss of over 13 million customers per month since removing copyrighted Movies & TV Shows.

The film companies continued to pursue legal action against PrimeWire and the case eventually made its way to a Federal District Judge in California.

Judge Mark Scarsi noted that PrimeWire directed activities and content towards those in the United States.

He also found PrimeWire to be in violation of direct copyright infringement, noting:

Defendants promoted infringement by featuring Plaintiffs’ works on the website, by curating third-party streaming links, and by providing detailed instructions for rating and streaming these works.

Because PrimeWire operators did not show up for court, there was no defense in this case.

They did, however, continue to reach out to the plaintiff’s legal team and plead their case after removing all copyrighted material from the site.

That did little help their cause with the court noting it did not make a strong enough case that they will not continue infringing operations.

It is the burden of the party voluntarily ceasing its conduct to appear and make the strong showing it cannot reasonably be expected to restart its behavior. Defendants have not defended this lawsuit despite receiving notice and despite changing the PrimeWire website in response to the Court’s orders

This all led to a permanent injunction demanding PrimeWire operators transfer all website domains and other registrars to Plaintiff’s control.

You can read the entire court judgment at the link below.

United States District Court Ruling on PrimeWire

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We want to know what you think of the court’s ruling PrimeWire to shut down and hand over all domains.

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